The main concern of our service is the residents’ quality of Life.

The philosophy of our service is to look after the residents in a caring and sympathetic way, so that their Privacy and Dignity are respected. We aim to promote and encourage active independence where possible.

With all our residents we aim to acheive:

  1. Personal Independence: To come and go as they wish to the extent that they are able, for example, to go shopping, visit or stay with friends and relatives.
  2. To care for themselves as far as they are able and willing.
  3. Personal Choice: When to get up, whether to bath or shower daily, choice of menu, whether to eat in their room or the dining room, whether to pursue a hobby, join in activities etc.
  4. Dignity respected by others in every way possible and to be treated, whatever their faculties or disabilities, as individuals in their own right.
  5. Consultation about daily living arrangements by residents’ meetings and one to one discussions with staff.
  6. Privacy, for themselves, their belongings and their affairs.
  7. Respect for their cultural, religious, sexual, emotional and other needs.
  8. Access to facilities and services in the surrounding community as private citizens, including registration with the G.P. and Dentist of their choice, Hairdresser and Chiropodist.
  9. Ability to mix with other people in the community, whether by going out or by inviting visitors for light refreshment etc. if they wish.
  10. Receptive listening to concerns and complanits and access to the Owners if they wish.
  11. Regular reviews to assess whether all their needs are being met. The perspective of the residents and service points of view will be discussed at these meetings.
  12. Full access to their records and Care Plan and as much influence in the development of these documents as the individual would wish.
  13. Acceptance of some risk being a normal aspect of the life of each individual. For example, making their own drinks, preparing food, taking a bath or shower, having the use of the laundry etc. if they so wish.

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